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Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market is Traditional Art Market of Ubud Village

Ubud Market

Ubud Art Market is a traditional art market located in the middle of Ubud village, its existence is not much different from other markets available in the tourism area. Ubud Market is the economic center of the Ubud community and is very much in accordance with the existence of the Ubud Kingdom which is called Puri Saren. The market that stretches from west to east is divided into two groups for different purposes. There are two markets available in the same area, one block in the West for traditional art markets and another block located in the East for daily traditional fundamental market needs.

The location of the Ubud market is also strategic because it is in front of the palace of the king of Ubud, namely Puri Saren Ubud. Ubud Market and its surroundings are a cultural heritage that still maintains a traditional Balinese village atmosphere. Since long time ago this place has inspired many great artists, one of which is Antonio Blanco and as a shooting location for the Hollywood film by Julia Roberts entitled Eat Pray Love. Ubud Bali art market sells various kinds of souvenirs and Balinese souvenirs. It should be noted that almost all the stalls in the traditional Ubud market do not include prices on the items being sold. Therefore, visitors must prepare bidding skills in order to get the price that suits them

The location of the Ubud art market is located not far from villages where many of the residents produce art and handicrafts. Given the strategic location of the Ubud Art Market, which is opposite the royal palace of Ubud or better known as Puri Saren, which is the center of the city of Ubud, it is perfect for you to stop by here and buy Balinese souvenirs.