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Sukawati Art Market

Sukawati Art Market is Traditional Art Market in Sukawati Village

Sukawati Art Market

Sukawati Art Market located in the village of Sukawati, Gianyar, is a traditional market that sells all handicrafts at low prices, as for the goods sold do not include prices, and it takes bargaining skills to get goods at low prices. The Sukawati market is not much different from the famous Ubud market, because the goods sold are almost the same. In the sukawati market building there are many shops next to each other where all of them sell handicraft products such as beach clothes, bamboo crafts, wood crafts, paintings, and silver handicrafts.

History of the establishment of the Sukawati Art Market

In 1983, several traders, especially the statue craft traders who carried their crafts in Denpasar, namely in Banjar Baluan, were often disciplined by the local Government Order officers, who finally tried to gather themselves and convey this to the Village and Sukawati District because most of the traders were is from Sukawati. Proposals and deliberations at the village and sub-district levels have yielded results and it is agreed to lend a place in Banjar Tebuana and Banjar Tangluk, Sukawati Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency whose status belongs to the Sukawati Traditional Village, which is temporary.
It was only in mid 1983 on the initiative of the Gianyar Regional Government that land acquisition was held and 1 one unit of the Sukawati Art Market building was built, which is now the location of Blok B where the building was inaugurated directly by the Governor of Bali: Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, to be precise on May 25, 1985. After the Art Market was inaugurated and many craftsmen wanted to sell at the Art Market, in early 1990 the Gianyar Regional Government rebuilt 2 blocks, namely Block A and C, and functioned effectively in 1991 So that the number of traders accommodated in the Sukawati Art Market Building is as many as 770 traders.
In Block AI and II there are 167 tables, block BI and II 406 tables and block C 197 tables, in addition there are 7 units of art kiosks or art shops outside the building which were built on government-owned land leased by merchants with a usage rights system. wear. Market management by the Gianyar Regional Government which is regulated by a Perda on market management no. 9 of 1995, the art market itself is managed by the head of the pasa

Tourists can find various results of Balinese art there. Tourists will be able to find many kinds of Balinese art souvenirs that are very abundant at various prices. There are also many Balinese t-shirts available at cheap prices there. Surely tourists will feel satisfied getting their various desires in this Sukawati Bali art market.