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Celuk Silver Village

The village is famous for its silver craftsmanship

Celuk Silver Village

Celuk Silver Village is a village with traditional nuances located near Ubud in Gianyar Regency, where the Celuk village is famous for its silver crafts village, where the majority of the population in this village have been silver craftsmen from generation to generation. In addition to silver crafts in the village of Celuk, there are also very beautiful gold crafts with artistic value. The existence of Celuk Village is now fully documented in a book entitled "Jewelry of Bali". "The goal is that young people want to maintain this ancestral heritage and revive it. A hundred years were taken from the story of Nang Gati. This Celuk resident went to study metal processing in the Kingdom of Mengwi around 1915. He then taught his knowledge to the first generation of craftsmen, namely in the form of religious ceremonial equipment.

Their work developed into a necessity for jewelry for the royal family and the nobility until they entered the era of independence. In the 50s, when Bali began to be visited by tourists, art shops began to exist as places to sell. However, the new boom occurred in the 1980s along with the explosion in the number of tourists. As a well-known village, it has become a tour destination for domestic and foreign tourists, apart from witnessing silver craftsmen, they can also buy souvenirs from the island of Bali. Celuk Village can be visited, open every day from morning to evening.

In general, jewelry craftsmen in Celuk village can make special jewelry for you. But to be sure you can ask the shop owner. This jewelery is of very good quality and very detailed. The craftsmen in Celuk village are generally quite good at speaking English, because they have interacted a lot with tourists. This makes a lot of jewelry from this village that has reached overseas markets.

Tourists can come and visit here to see up close the artists working on this traditional craft, creating high-quality silver and gold jewelery. You can easily find or can buy jewelry directly in the window that is displayed directly at the artists' workshops. It is certain that the products produced are of good quality and of high quality.