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Batuan Painting Village

Batuan Village is Famous Village For Traditinal Painting of Bali

Batuan Painting Village

Batuan Painting Village is located in Sukawati sub-district, Gianyar regency, with lowlands, while the boundaries of Batuan village are Batuan Kaler Village, Sukawati Village, Singapadu Village and Petanu Village. The history of Batuan Village starts from the reign of the Warmadewa dynasty in Bali, Batuan Village as the village of Baturan. The name Baturan was eventually called Batuan, which comes from the city where lot of Batu (stone), because in this area is a rocky area, then later due to changes in daily pronunciation it is more popularly known as Desa Batuan. The Batuan Village is famous for its painting that is different from other villages, the artists in Batuan Village produce paintings that are so beautiful and are in demand by tourists because the details of the intricate workmanship make the paintings an added value. And the batuan village is also often called the Batuan Painting Village, where in the Batuan Village there are many famous painting artists with such beautiful works.

Batuan style painting, as well as Balinese painting in other local village styles, is still sourced from classical Balinese painting, namely wayang painting originating from Gelgel, Klungkung, in the era of King Waturenggong. The tradition of painting wayang in Batuan was pioneered in the late 19th century. Much earlier, the existence of painting in Bali, of course also in Batuan, was related to the recognition of the drawing profession by the king. The ancient Balinese king was named Marakata of caka 944 (1022 AD), inscribed in the Batuan inscription the existence of Citrakara (a profession for masters who are skilled at painting), the term Culpika (masters in the sculpting / sculpture), and other art professions, in line with the term 'artist' in Western terminology which refers to the meaning of 'painter'. The king formulated the term ‘citrakara’ as proof of legal recognition for the continuity of the society that carries the profession of painting expert.

The artists of Batuan Village are not careless in working on their paintings. Not in the same way as painters in general, they still use the traditional way of making paintings. The use of these traditional techniques will serve as a sign that the painting was made by an artist from Batuan Village, while the Batuan painting technique is often called 'tebek nurut' the technique of blurring the black and white gradations repeatedly at least 3 times the stack. The depth and volume of the image subject are obtained from the aqueous layers of color polish. One of the things that makes a painting from Batuan Village different from other paintings is the theme it raises. The paintings made by artists from this village usually take the theme of folklore in Bali such as Rajapala, Tantri and Calon Arang. Apart from the theme of folklore, painting artists also often use the stories of the Ramayana and Mahabharata stories as the theme of their paintings